dear hazel


Dear Hazel,

guess what, baby, we made it past week 1! not lying, there were plenty of moments i wasn’t sure that was going to happen. thankfully, your dad is the most calm, reassuring person i know and he talked me off the ledge multiple times. you’re continuing to fill out (seriously, your belly is so cute) and grow, which means that you now have about 5 outfits that actually fit you! i was beginning to feel like a terrible mother who dressed you in nothing but kimono tops–no pants. your well baby check is tomorrow and i can’t wait to see how much you’ve grown!

as for me, i’m hanging in there. breastfeeding is still going really well, though i’m still dealing with a considerable amount of pain on one side. i’m hoping that will disappear soon. i’m healed up for the most part, which is great. the only lingering pain is something i have going on with the nerve that runs down my leg. not debilitating, but not fun.

we (you, me and your dad) have been working SO hard to make you a good sleeper. when i found out i was pregnant with you, my top priority was ensuring we had a good sleeper. i’m hesitant to even write anything about how you’re doing, bc that’s a one way ticket to a pitfall, right? but, for the sake of posterity, you’ve only been getting me up once per night, around 3 and sleeping until around 6:30 or 7. your naps are going so well during the day and we have a very solid routine down. i think that’s why i struggled so much with the first few days at home. i am the kind of person to thrives on routine and gets a little out of sorts when i don’t have one. now that we have one nailed down i feel in control of our days and that control from me is felt by you, in a good way. this week you’ve had more awake time, which is nice, especially for your dad and are doing great (for the most part) at putting yourself to sleep.

***here’s me knocking on wood***

another characteristic you share with your dad? you are SO hard to wake up. like so so hard. and when you do finally start cracking your eyes, you stretch and roll around EXACTLY like him. when he’s home, he has wake up duty and i get such a kick out of him kicking a kick out of how you wake up. just like him.

oh and one more small tidbit, you had your first babysitter last friday. great grandma schroeder watched you while your dad and i had a date. oh em gee did we need that date. it was so nice just to get out of the house, especially with your dad. and you were pretty boring for your gg, considering you slept the whole time (like the good girl you are).

love you to the moon and back, p-nut.

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