i can’t even believe i’m writing this post right now. andrew is my middle brother, and like all my brothers, i adore him. andrew was born running (seriously. he was walking by chloe’s age now) and i really expected him to be a complete wild child. and while he’s still super athletic, he grew into […]

remember these monkeys? since this blog has taken a more professional turn, i haven’t included as many familial posts. that’s partly strategic and partly bc i’ve been a bad sister—paying clients seem to be taking a lot of my time (EXCELLENT problem), so i haven’t been around as much. i’m trying to get better at […]

so i’m trying to gather thoughts for a post on our trip. but, between getting the worst cold of my life, shooting a wedding, shooting a family session and trying to tame the beast that is our yard, i’m lucky to remember underpants in the morning. sorry for that visual. in the meantime, here’s two […]

this post hereby concludes all birthday images and posts. sorry for the monotony, he’s just so darn cute!

my dearest andrew, this weekend you turned eleven; it seems like only yesterday you were running around the yard in your underwear while carrying a baseball bat. you’ve grown up so much since then; your dedication to sports and school, usually equally, proves what kind of young man you’re growing to be. your personality is […]