class of 2018: andrew

i can’t even believe i’m writing this post right now. andrew is my middle brother, and like all my brothers, i adore him.

andrew was born running (seriously. he was walking by chloe’s age now) and i really expected him to be a complete wild child. and while he’s still super athletic, he grew into a gentle, smart, kind, loving person who can be a bit quiet but his sarcastic humor has always made me giggle. #likeminds

i have so many stories i could share. many of which i’m reminded about through timehops pulling from my old old old blog. stories like 8 year old him informing me when one of their cats was pregnant and how “you can’t pick her up by her belly and you have to be gentle because she’s pregnant.” until then i had no idea he knew the word “pregnant.” i thought it was so sweet.

or when he was 11-ish and i picked him up to go see a movie and he had taken it upon himself to get dressed up in a button up and khakis. 🙂

my girls are truly lucky that they get to grow up with such great uncles who are always willing to mess up their rooms, blow bubbles, and watch princess movies.

andrew plans to go to usi to major in accounting and i’m so completely excited for him. though his nieces (and his sister) will miss him!


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