family: braces and bruises

euro-0552 euro-0553

so i’m trying to gather thoughts for a post on our trip. but, between getting the worst cold of my life, shooting a wedding, shooting a family session and trying to tame the beast that is our yard, i’m lucky to remember underpants in the morning. sorry for that visual.
in the meantime, here’s two non-paid for photos i took this past weekend of 2 of my 3 brothers while they were over to celebrate my belated birthday. yes, i turned the big 2-8 while we were in europe. what’s that you notice on the left? yes, ben got braces. it’s only been a few months, but he’s already a far cry from this creature.
and for andrew (on the right) i have a simple math equation: two brothers + one tornado warning – common sense = black eye for andrew as a result of ben shoving him into the only metal pole in the basement.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Can't believe Andrew is going to be at JMS next year Рglad he came to tell me good-bye on the last day of school.  As for Ben, we had fun enjoying his special brand of energy and enthusiasm this year in 3rd grade!