i do (again): jessica and nathan; jasper indiana wedding


so if you’re a mega fan, and i like to think you all are, you’ll remember jessica and nathan from their previous engagement session, as well as their small private wedding ceremony, held last july. fast forward to april and they held a renewal ceremony and pulled out all the stops. this was also my first military (all west point grads, thankyouverymuch) ceremony and may i just say these gentleman looked.stinking.sharp. whew.
i love jessica and nathan so much for their almost infectious love, life and kindness. after spending lots of time together (2 weddings and an engagement will do that) i can thoroughly say i enjoy every moment with them. i also was fortunate enough to see their love and why they compliment each other so well. nathan’s calmness to jessica’s excitement; his overwhelming size to her delicate frame. i could go on and on, but all these compliments add up to a powerhouse of a couple.
i am so excited to see your life unfold, wherever it may take you. i wish you every ounce of love this world has to offer.
something for future brides to note: though jessica and nathan were already technically married, they treated this very much like a real wedding. and they did something that made EVERYONE’S lives so.much.easier. they chose to see each other before the ceremony. i made certain their first reveal was just the two of them (+ me, obviously) and i feel it was really special. this allowed us to get pretty much all photos done before the ceremony even started. it also removed the trickiness of always making sure the bride/groom were hidden, which can be way harder than one might think. i am totally 100% for seeing each other before the ceremony. who cares about some stupid wives tale.

humbert-5958f humbert-5943f



new fav groom shot, on the right!
humbert-6105f humbert-6115f




sometimes you have to switch it up.
i saw this moment beginning to unfold, but i didn’t realize how amazing it was until i began editing.


humbert-6502 humbert-6528f


humbert-6679f humbert-6688f


humbert-6816f humbert-6821f

i adore this moment so much.



this is the stuff little girls remember forever.

humbert-7045f humbert-6971f

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  1. Peggy Belkoski says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh  Meghan….what a beautiful job you have done  😀

  2. Shirley says:

    Jessica cant wait to get home to see the pictures. they look great. They will be so excited to see them. Good job once again.Thanks for making the day go so well.