well friends, it’s officially the thick of wedding season. things have certainly ramped up and while i couldn’t be busier, i also couldn’t be happier with the amazing clients i’ve been working with and the photos i’ve been producing. last saturday we were blessed with an absolutely perfect day. there was a crispness in the […]

it all started with a call to her best friend, “i think i had a date last night,” emily stated. her friend asked what they did, “we had dinner and went to a movie,” emily answered. her friend quickly informed her that that, in fact, was a date. emily and anthony would have many more […]

when i first decided i wanted to really do this photo-thing, i booked mainly families which was what i thought i really loved. that first year a delightful couple took a chance on me (my words, not theirs) and it’s a chance i am forever indebted to. that year i shot a couple weddings and […]

the day started off rainy. it had been gloomy all week, so why wouldn’t it be gloomy the morning of the wedding? but, i assured mindy all morning that it will.not.rain and everything.will.be.perfect. darnit. and wouldn’t you know it? the second we stepped outside for portraits, the sun actually made its presence. i feel that […]

it all began with some friendly facebook stalking between cousins. katie’s cousin announcing that her brother “has some really hot friends…especially this guy they call ‘fluff.’” katie quickly dismissed the idea of dating anyone nicknamed “fluff.” that was, until she saw “fluff”, aka jeff, over christmas break at a local mexican restaurant. the rest is […]