life: the mundy's


so they’re back. one of my faaaaaaavorite families. you’ll remember their engagement session (almost 1 year ago exactly!) and their wedding last fall. and do you want to know something super cool? they’re expecting a baby next month! you’ll have to scroll through this post to see whether it’s a boy or a girl. i also just saw that paige is now on bed rest for a bit, so let’s all say a little prayer for her. paige, i hope this post brings a little enjoyment to your evening.
i don’t know how many photographers get to see families come together full circle (engagement, wedding, family, baby), but i have to say that it’s one of the most special things i’ve ever been privileged enough to be a part of. as a photographer, it’s not only one of the biggest compliments i can imagine being paid, but it’s also memorable (and fun!) beyond belief. i remember back to paige and chase’s engagement session where i met a very noticeably nervous chase (who admitted to hating having his photo taken) and now we feel like a well-oiled machine. comfort. so essential. so rewarding.


how adorable is miss kenzie?
mundy-00766f mundy-00742f
this is so her.
i hope i look half as amazing pregnant as paige does!
mundy-00801f mundy-00830f
while we were doing this little shoot, we took some photos of kenzie with her cousin, rhett (who you should remember as well!).
mundy-00934f mundy-00877f
seriously with that face??
mundy-01002f mundy-00912f






and because you’re wondering….it’s a girl. and her name is lucy. how perfect is that?

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  1. Deb says:

    Thanks for sharing- and i will say a prayer for Paige!