happy birthday, mr freckles


my dearest andrew,
this weekend you turned eleven;
it seems like only yesterday you were running around the yard in your underwear while carrying a baseball bat.
you’ve grown up so much since then;
your dedication to sports and school, usually equally, proves what kind of young man you’re growing to be.
your personality is peeking through, bit by bit;
sometimes i can’t believe the level of sarcasm you’re able to produce-it makes me proud, and makes me laugh.
i admire your heart of gold;
whether it be with cats, me and especially babies, it’s so sweet to see.
i’ll never forget the night i picked you up to see a movie;
you had taken it upon yourself to dress up-khakis and a button down, to boot! i felt so special.
i can’t wait to see what your future holds;
i’ve loved every minute of this year, spending more time with you than ever before.
i’ve said it before, you’re going to make some woman very happy one day.
all my love,
ps, have i told you yet today how much i love your freckles?

heart of gold in a field of gold

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  1. Dad says:

    Good picture, Great tribute to two amazing kids!

  2. Andrew says:

    Thanks, Sissy. Love you!

  3. Lisa says:

    I love it, Meghan! You summed up “Andrew” perfectly. He is a special young man – a great sport, an amazing friend, a terrific student (and dedicated reader). I see an incredible future for him!