luke turns 15 today. how the cuss did that happen? it seems like it was only a year ago he was running around in his underwear, playing baseball and eating all the snacks in the kitchen. not much has changed. though he wears pants now. occasionally. (kidding) in 6 months, he’ll start driving. that’s shocking, […]

if you can see realllly well, you might say, “but i thought it was anna’s 19th birthday. there are only 18 candles there.” i did the best i could. what you can’t see is a votive lit next to the cake. we take birthdays very seriously.

happy birthday, baby stink. i am so proud of you, every day, especially today. all my love.

the “my brother game me an RV, in lego form, for my birthday” edition. note: i was admiring his RV (or “erv” as we pronounce it) for some time, i mean look at it- it’s so cute! anyway, he took it upon himself to buy and put together my own RV! thoughtful presents FTW. gpoyw= […]

my dearest andrew, this weekend you turned eleven; it seems like only yesterday you were running around the yard in your underwear while carrying a baseball bat. you’ve grown up so much since then; your dedication to sports and school, usually equally, proves what kind of young man you’re growing to be. your personality is […]