weekend roundup

double pipers….see what i did there??!

we were blessed with SUCH a beautiful weekend! somehow i managed to pick the peak weekend for fall leaves, which meant that my mini sessions were beautiful! this was a stark contrast to the weather we had during the week last week! the one session i managed to fit in around rain showers still left us shooting in a bit of a mist. here’s to tough clients!

my weekend was packed with state band finals, iu homecoming and the aforementioned mini sessions, which means today i am pooped!
on to things of note:
• like i said, saturday morning i watched as luke marched in his final band contest EVER at lucas oil. i am so proud of he and the rest of the band for their 4th place finish. not too bad at all!!!
• i’m 26 weeks currently and will be 27 this wednesday, which means…..the dreaded glucose test! hooray! she is the size (allegedly…not sure how something that big is in my relatively small belly) of a cucumber and i feel every inch of however big she is. i’m starting to be able to notice her sleep/wake cycle and she HATES when i sit for long periods of time as her little head is cramped!
• i’m prepping for my final 2 wedding these next two weekends, which means i’m a busy bee over here buttoning up everything i can before then! i still can’t believe that i started the year with SO many weddings and somehow i only have 2 left. crazy! even crazier is that after these, the next wedding i shoot, i’ll be a mom!
• i hope you all can get out and enjoy the amazing weather november has brought to us!
happy monday!

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