in love: lindsey+mark; evansville indiana engagement photographer

from the moment lindsey contacted me, i knew i just HAD to work with her and was so excited when she booked. lindsey is the epitome of a teacher, whose mom is a teacher: sugar sweet, caring, quiet but assertive when need be. mark isn’t so bad himself, either. 🙂 these two together should be illegal, they’re so nice. really. lindsey is so nice that she sent me home with cookies for my drive back to jasper. nice, right? i had never shot on university of evansville’s campus before, but you all know how much i love me a college campus! there are so many memories for couples when shooting somewhere so near and dear to them that makes those shoots so special.

i can’t wait for your wedding, also next june!!!!

side, funny to me note: when trying to park for this shoot (i had never been on ue’s campus) i called lindsey for guidance after circling the main parking strip twice, only to find permit only parking. mark answered and quickly laughed and said, “just park anywhere. if they give you a ticket, just throw it away, they’re for students.” um, what? i totally felt like the hood-rat coming from bloomington where they’re all but take your first born child AND boot your car for parking somewhere illegally for 5 seconds. the advantages of a small school. 🙂

seriously, lindsey! gorgeous!

we then left campus and headed for a location lindsey picked out specifically for its bridge. mark is a civil engineer (who is just finishing up weeks of bridge inspections) and lindsey thought this would tie in well. did i mention how thoughtful she is?!

this is probably a great time to mention how much i love this time of year for the fact that while the temps have dropped (it was SO cold this evening) and the leaves have started to change, the grass isn’t dead yet and is SO nice and green. love it.

gear used: canon 5d mark iii, canon 50 1.2L, canon 35 1.4L, canon 85 1.2L

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