meeting in high school, lindsey’s friends and family knew something was up when she just couldn’t keep herself from endlessly talking about a boy named “mark” who played baseball. after many nights spent “stalking” at league stadium, that sweet love transpired while in college at university of evansville. pardon the pun, but these two knock […]

this past saturday i had the absolute pleasure of photographing lindsey+mark’s wedding. i have been looking forward to this day  for what seems like years. i connect with all of my clients, that’s my job, but there was something about mark and lindsey….from the start, we just clicked. i was mowed over by their combined […]

from the moment lindsey contacted me, i knew i just HAD to work with her and was so excited when she booked. lindsey is the epitome of a teacher, whose mom is a teacher: sugar sweet, caring, quiet but assertive when need be. mark isn’t so bad himself, either. 🙂 these two together should be […]