weekend roundup

this past saturday i had the absolute pleasure of photographing lindsey+mark’s wedding. i have been looking forward to this day  for what seems like years. i connect with all of my clients, that’s my job, but there was something about mark and lindsey….from the start, we just clicked. i was mowed over by their combined kindness and thoughtfulness. why would you not want to be around them???

we had a steamy but beautiful day, for which i am so thankful.

other things of note from this week:

• we took hazel swimming for the first time! i was hoping to do this while we were on vacation a couple weeks ago but the pool at the house we rented was in the direct sun and, call my crazy first time mom, but that scared me with her delicate skin. i’ve so been hoping she’d take to the water and she DID! she laughed and soaked it all in. literally. love it. and her.

• saturday’s wedding brought lots of meghan hochgesang photo alumni! bridgett and jeff (and little autumn) were in the wedding, and both newly married nicole and clint, and leah and ryan were in attendance. was that everyone?? as a photographer, i can’t even explain how amazing it feels to be able to look around during a wedding and see all the people’s lives i’ve been involved in.

• summer heat is definitely here! i’m relegated to only morning walks with hazel. otherwise my little rump roast gets way too hot.

• who’s been watching the world cup??? for all those who think soccer is boring, are we watching the same sport? ay yi yi. #ibelieve

happy monday! stay cool!





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