well hello! haven’t popped in for a weekend roundup in quite some time! fall shooting season is (once again) trying to get the best of me! since i’ve done such a poor job of keeping up on blogging in general, i thought i might throw up some photos from recent sessions as an “i’m sorry, […]

i haven’t done one of these in SO long, but after such an amazing wedding weekend with heather+josh, i had to throw one up. things of note: • at heather + josh’s reception, about 10 of their nieces/cousins fought over the bouquet. it was pretty amazing. unless you were one of their mothers, in which […]

what a weekend!? it was easily the most stressed i’ve been for a wedding. ever. the weather forecast was…well…bleak. rain was forecasted all day and started to pick up as i was getting ready to leave with the girls for the church. super. somehow, however, the universe blessed me with easily the most relaxed bride […]

this week was fairly light, for me, with just one senior session (with a truly great young man) and it was capped off with a wedding in bloomington that i’ve been anticipating since i booked them last year! when this whole photo business became my true path, i set lots of goals for myself. i’ve […]

i can’t believe it’s monday again! these summer days go by way too quickly. especially when the weather has been a amazing as it has been! yesterday we had hazel’s baptism and because of that we had lots of family in town. 4 kids under 4 in our house, to be exact! we had so […]