weekend roundup

well hello! haven’t popped in for a weekend roundup in quite some time! fall shooting season is (once again) trying to get the best of me! since i’ve done such a poor job of keeping up on blogging in general, i thought i might throw up some photos from recent sessions as an “i’m sorry, i’ll do better” offering. though, i can’t say blogging every monday morning is going to be happening consistently. such is life.

things of note lately:

• hazel turned 8 months old. her blog post will be coming in the next couple of days as i just yesterday took her chair photo. i’ll also be blogging her mid-year session this week. i got some good stuff and just love looking at her sweet face.

• i realized on my way to rachel and logan’s wedding this saturday that, for the next 8 weeks, i have a wedding or other all day commitment every single saturday. gulp. let’s do it!

fall mini sessions booked up the first day i announced them, so i couldn’t even advertise them here. if you don’t already like my page on facebook, you should get on that! i also announce minis there.

• i finished up some landscaping in the front of our house that has been on my to do list since last spring. landscaping work sucks. my back still hurts. the end.

• still can’t find a babysitter for hazel. anyone know of anyone? she’s really sweet, likes to blow raspberries and loves nap time!

• since the day iphone 6 came out, i’ve been meaning to buy it. but i usually think of this at night when hazel has gone to bed and josh and i are spending time together (meaning, we’re laying on opposite ends of the couch watching breaking bad) and i’m too lazy to walk to the other side of the house to get my wallet to order said phone. seriously. how sad and not like meghan 1.0.

• i was telling a friend the other day how i’ve lost my cooking mojo. have any of you cooked anything great that requires only one arm to cook? kidding. we’ve given up the hope that we’ll ever eat or cook before 7pm anymore. thankfully josh has stepped up to cooking while i feed and put hazel to bed. teamwork, folks.

• i discovered that i really enjoy espresso and espresso drinks. which is also why i’m vibrating right now. sidebar: a latte with coconut and almond (available at smalley coffee!) flavoring is the shizzzz.

have a great week!!







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