hazel, mid year

like any photographers’s child, i’m not great at keeping on time with photo sessions. “cobbler’s child syndrome”, as i call it. i waited on hazel’s traditional 6 month session because she wasn’t sitting. once she finally sat at about 7 months i kept putting it off because the only time josh was home to help me was in the evenings and we all know how amazing evenings are with young children. turns out hazel did amazing, which was a huge relief to me!

we just cherish this sweet girl and i’ll talk more about the past month in my update this week but wanted to keep these photos separate. the past 6-ish months have been some of the most stressful, scary, happy, sad, sleepy, and amazing months of our lives. it’s not hard for us to remember life before her (i sometimes forget i have a kid and i see or hear her and i’m snapped back to reality) and all the restfulness and stress free memories those thoughts bring, but we wouldn’t trade her for all the sleep or lazy sundays in the world.













stripe outfit: jcrew // white top: h&m (thanks, jordan!), pink cords: gap, headband: olivia avenue (etsy)

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  1. Cathy says:

    You have GOT to enter her into some sort of Gerber baby contest! She is so beautiful!