life: ava claire, elise, and coraline

you all know and love this family. i can’t accurately explain what their loyalty means to me! every session with them is fun and crazy in the best way possible. these girls are so sweet and are a joy to be around. the younger two weren’t so sure about having their photos taken this time around but we eventually wore them down! it helped that we took these right next to an ice cream shop!

i’ll start with ava claire (7), or “ac” as her mom calls her. love that. ac is at the age where she not only loves having her photo taken, but she takes it very seriously and really practices her poses. while we love the extra effort, it means that i have to try double hard to get natural looking photos out of her. i feel so good about what we captured of this sweet girl! last year i took a photo of her that quite simply took my breath away and was so happy to follow up with some awesome snaps this year. can we also pause and reflect on how much kids change in a year!!! having photos taken is so important!




it’s this so maria and “the hills are aliiiiiiivvvveeeee…”?



next up, elise (3). oh this sweet girl….sweet girl who i’m certain keeps life interesting. she’s a little spitfire who loves her big sisters but REALLY loves her older sister tessa. our first few photos had to include tessa or else no photos for you.



that photo on the left melts me!






and finally, coraline (18 months). if you can believe it from these shiny, smiley photos, she was NOT having it this day. like at all. nothing a little “6 little ducks” singing and “go cora….go cora…go cora” can’t fix. can you even believe this girl’s curls?!





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