dear hazel: 8 months



dear hazel,

8 months old, baby! my, oh my. we had such a great month with you (and away from you when your dad and i went away for a weekend while i worked) celebrating our anniversary and life with you. while you haven’t really added many new talents to your repertoire, you are honing in on the ones you do possess. sitting is going really well. only a couple tumbles to speak of and we’ve survived all of them. though you are SO dramatic when stuff like that happens. shocker.

you’re starting to play by yourself more, which is so nice. but you get your panties in a wad (especially if you’re tired) if i leave the room, but that’s just something you’re going to have to get over. you can reach for, grab and hold any toy you want and are starting to realize that you can move your body to reach things even further away. still no crawling but the other day you did do a back-to-belly-to-back roll which was the first and only time you’ve done it, which makes me realize that you can do it, you just choose not to. you also learned how to turn pages of books. how cute is that? oh and blowing raspberries is your favorite thing to do.

sleeping is still going pretty well. you go to bed at exactly 7pm (not a minute later or watch out!) and get up around 7am. a couple nights a week you’ve been waking at 4:30-5am and have a hard time going back to sleep, so that’s tough on all of us the next morning. overall, though, i can’t complain we’ve worked hard to make you a good sleeper and so far it’s worked.

while eating is going great as well, you still have no teeth! apparently late teeth is a premuda thing. i’m having a hard time remembering new foods we’ve added. puffs, guava, strawberry, spinach, zucchini and pumpkin are top of mind. so far my homemade carrots are still a no-go. thanks for that. you’re also completely weaned to formula and this momma was really excited to shove the pump to the farthest depths of your closet. hallelujah!

you also went to your first iu game. you did so well, even though it was SO hot. you were enthralled watching the band during “the walk”. you are such a social kid and absolutely thrive being around lots of people. we also took you to huber orchard and winery last weekend. i was SO excited to take you and we had so much fun. you even tasted your first donut. you obviously loved it.

and for me…i’ll be honest, this past month was nuts. i had a wedding in lexington so your dad and i were gone an entire weekend, then i had an overnight corporate shoot in french lick the following week along with a wedding that weekend and obviously shoots sprinkled in during the week. as you get older, you will grow to realize that fall is a really busy time of year for your momma. it’s mostly good (being so busy allows me to spend the winter with you) and i’m mostly so busy by my own doing, but i’ll need you to remind me to make time for our little family, too. i’ve done a fairly decent job this year but need to do better next year. the busier i am, the less inspired and excited i am to shoot and that’s not good for anyone. as hard as it is to say, “no”, sometimes it just has to be done.

this month we’re looking forward to your first halloween (i’m making your costume so we’ll see how that goes!) and introducing you to my favorite season of all!

love you, peanut.









i’m so thankful for some photos with you. i have very very few. thanks, josh.


hazel’s striped outfit is carters, orchard/number photo is boden.

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