like any photographers’s child, i’m not great at keeping on time with photo sessions. “cobbler’s child syndrome”, as i call it. i waited on hazel’s traditional 6 month session because she wasn’t sitting. once she finally sat at about 7 months i kept putting it off because the only time josh was home to help […]

VIII dear hazel, can you believe it, little one? six months. one half year. 182 days of hazel. 182 days to absolutely fall in love with you. your dad and i find ourselves saying “let’s go wake her up and play” when our days have finally come to an end and we’re hanging out with […]

though remington, “remy” is only 6 months old and you haven’t seen her before, you probably recognize her family. it seems like each one is cuter than the next! they can be seen here, here, here and here. in fact, one of my favorite photos i’ve EVER taken came from ryder’s shoot. can you guess […]

remember this adorable little one? i can’t believe 6 months has gone by SO quickly. aubrey is so so so adorable (and tiny!) and already has a huge personality but is so laid back, just like her mom. seriously. i love working with abbey so much because she’s up for anything and has such a […]