life: remington grace; jasper indiana children's photographer

though remington, “remy” is only 6 months old and you haven’t seen her before, you probably recognize her family. it seems like each one is cuter than the next! they can be seen here, here, here and here. in fact, one of my favorite photos i’ve EVER taken came from ryder’s shoot. can you guess which one it is?? they are literally the most photographed family on my blog. that loyalty to me, as their photographer, means more than words could ever expound.
remy was such a trooper. she’s this-close to sitting really solidly, meaning: she took a couple spills while trying to balance. no worry though, she’s so easy going and happy that it didn’t really seem to affect her. in all seriousness, i’ve never met a family with kids so outgoing and happy as these kiddos. remy is no exception. the second she saw me, she shot me the most beautiful, cheesy smile from her car seat. swoon!

gear used: canon 5d mark ii, canon 50 1.2L

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