weekend roundup

this weekend marked my first wedding of the season. i was SO excited to get back in wedding action and leah & ryan’s day was perfect. windy, but perfect. which leads me to things of note from this past week:
• there’s really no reason to spend time blowing out and curling your hair for a wedding when the wind is OUT OF CONTROL.
• after seeing my newest baby lens tumble to the rock parking lot and bounce (BOUNCE, internet, BOUNCE!), i’ve vowed to stop trying to hold my camera while switching lenses. stupid move. my lens appears to be ok, though. thanks to those who sent flowers and well wishes.
• hearing an 8 year old scream, “THIS IS MY JAM” when party rock comes on at a reception will never get old. not ever.
• even though i don’t publicize my goals, i firmly believe that if you put them out into the universe, they will come back to you. i woke up to the best news ever this morning, which i’ll share in due time, and i couldn’t be more thrilled that one of my biggest goals will come true this year.
• i am obsessed with candles. good candles. maybe i should do a post on my favorite candles.
• while sitting for 5 minutes at the reception, reflecting on the day, i can’t tell you the relief that filled my body knowing that come monday morning, i could sit and cull through my wedding. not drag my still-tried butt to work all day and then rush home and try to get through photos. all the more confirmation that taking this leap was 100% the right thing for me to do.
happy monday, everyone!

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