weekend roundup

last week was a fast one, but calm and productive at the same time. i can’t even tell you the last time i was ever completely caught up on my to do list, but i managed to do so. my big goal i alluded to was achieved when my photos were featured on kentucky wedding blog. i am thrilled to have been featured!
thursday, josh and i headed up to his family’s lake house up in michigan. it was such a great, relaxing weekend filled with root beer stands, a whirlwind trip to downtown detroit and taking in one of my new favorite musicals.
some other happens and things i learned last week:
• sitting there, looking around at fellow audience-mates, i realized that true theater lovers know no bounds or age-limits. the book of mormon isn’t a musical for the faint of heart (like, at all) but that didn’t stop people from a certain generation from still enjoying the fact that, at the root, TBOM is a FANTASTIC show.
• you can NEVER predict how a newborn shoot will go. the second you do is the second said newborn will scream in your face.
• i have a crush on detroit. a big one.
• as i’m sitting here looking out my office window watching it snow…on march 25th…i’m strongly questioning whether i believe in global warming.

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