Kenli is another one of my bridesmaids-turned-brides and they’re kind of the best, right?! She’s been by the side of a few of my past brides and I’m so thrilled that it’s her turn. We had the best night in downtown Newburgh and even got to meet up with their precious pups who gave us […]

I adore Courtney, Ross AND the story of how they met. I’ve had a few couples where I just KNOW that fate or a higher being was responsible for them meeting, Ross and Courtney being one. They met while out with friends at Ball State and immediately connected. Except they forgot a vital step: they […]

2/1/17 dear hazel, this letter is so overdue, i’m not really even sure where to begin. you see, i just picked up your registration packet for preschool and i was flooded with all the feelings. i figured it was time to tell you about what you’ve been up to. since we last left off, the […]

these two are SO cute!!! i briefly met madelaine while shooting her sister’s wedding reception this past spring and was pretty proud of myself for only calling her amelia once! while lance was less than excited about taking photos, i think he’d tell you that he had more fun than he expected. 🙂 i can’t […]

so i know i’m a day late and probably a dollar short, but that’s life! saturday brought an absolutely beautiful day and wedding for beth and eric. i had been waiting for a gorgeous summer day like that for a while and was giddy when it came! on to other happenings: • we celebrated josh’s […]