weekend roundup


i haven’t done one of these in SO long, but after such an amazing wedding weekend with heather+josh, i had to throw one up.

things of note:

• at heather + josh’s reception, about 10 of their nieces/cousins fought over the bouquet. it was pretty amazing. unless you were one of their mothers, in which case it was a little scary.

• both iu grads, they called all other fellow graduates onto the dance floor for a photo. i’m not kidding when i say that photo included approximately 45% of the reception attendants. #hoosierforlife

• i came down with a cold and hazel has decided that she is terrified of the sound of someone blowing their nose. seriously? where did this kid come from?

• she’s also decided she hates carrots. super.

• let’s go back to heather and josh’s wedding for a second to talk about how STUNNING heather, her bridesmaids and josh (i can’t leave him out!) were. i mean wow. that photo of all the girls took my breath away when we were shooting it. such gorgeous light!

• before heading back to jasper from lexington, josh and i hit up 2 highly recommended donut shops. one of them provided, literally, the best donut either of us has EVER had. we don’t dish out that title lightly, either.

• related? my pants are tight.

have a great week!!



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