weekend roundup

i can’t believe it’s monday again! these summer days go by way too quickly. especially when the weather has been a amazing as it has been!

yesterday we had hazel’s baptism and because of that we had lots of family in town. 4 kids under 4 in our house, to be exact! we had so much fun, though and i love when hazel can be around her ohio cousins.


on to things of note:

• the weather has been SO amazing this summer and especially this past week. save for the seger’s session on monday, this whole week was downright amazing. i don’t think i’ve ever said that about july before.

• as i anticipated, 6 months has by far been my favorite age with hazel. in the past 2 weeks she has truly become to enjoyable to be around. coming from a very challenging baby, this is huge. i’ll write more about it in my letter to her shortly.

• it’s strassenfest week! i’m not sure it will feel like strassenfest if i’m not sweating my hiney off but i’m not complaining!

here’s to a great week!





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