weekend roundup

this week was fairly light, for me, with just one senior session (with a truly great young man) and it was capped off with a wedding in bloomington that i’ve been anticipating since i booked them last year! when this whole photo business became my true path, i set lots of goals for myself. i’ve crossed lots of them off that list and shooting a wedding on iu’s campus was one of them. i can’t tell you how lucky i feel to have had those 2 awesome clients come my way and for them to have gotten married on campus was icing on the cake.


it was also strassenfest this week/end in jasper. since i was shooting the aforementioned wedding in bloomington, i didn’t get to spend a lot of time downtown but we did take hazel down for dinner on thursday. dirndl and all. can you even? my cousin bought this for her daughter while living in germany, so she thought hazel just had to wear it. i wasn’t prepared for the tizzy she was going to cause when we wheeled her around the square. so stinking funny.

on to other things of note:

• not to be that person who brings up the weather when she has nothing else to talk about, BUT. can we talk about this weather? how did i get so lucky to have survived the month of july with only a couple sweat-soaked sessions?!

• hazel learned to stick her tongue out this week. it’s absurdly funny.

• this isn’t so much a “thing” but it’s worth noting that my life is so insane right now that trying to think of something of note from the past week leaves me sitting here completely baffled. my brain simply can’t hold onto any extra details, apparently.

happy monday! here’s to clear minds!




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