weekend roundup

what a weekend!? it was easily the most stressed i’ve been for a wedding. ever. the weather forecast was…well…bleak. rain was forecasted all day and started to pick up as i was getting ready to leave with the girls for the church. super. somehow, however, the universe blessed me with easily the most relaxed bride EVER. nothing got to her bc, darnit, she was getting married rain or shine! love that.

i also had a beautiful senior and a fun little catchup session with sebastian!

things of note:

• hazel, who normally isn’t bothered by shots, got her 6 month vaccines this past thursday and man….it was like she had a 2 day hangover. sleepy, didn’t want to eat much and just wanted cuddles. i wasn’t complaining.

• speaking of hazel and her 6 month checkup, for those keeping tally she was 18 lbs 8 oz and 26.5″ long. she grew 1.5″ just in the past 2 months. crazy. she’s in the 75% for weight and 66% for height. i continue to be amazed that josh and i created a person above average in either category, especially for how tiny she started out.

smalley coffee had its official grand opening last week.  it was so nice to see members of the community come out in support of my hubs.

• one of my best friends is having her baby boy on wednesday!! do you know what that means? yet another potential male suitor for hazel. i love that all my girlfriends had boys–it will ensure hazel never ends up with a loser!

i hope you have a great week, soaking up the last moments of summer!





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