It all began with some innocent recording of the evening news…so that she could watch the weather. And then it turned into watching youtube videos of broadcasts past. Lauren was just doing her due diligence…right? There are just some couples that ooze personality, Lauren and Eric being one of them. Neither know a stranger, they […]

Rachel and Mark are the sweetest, cutest pair. Their ceremony at, the always lovely, Neu Chapel on University of Evansville’s campus was perfect! I had always wanted to shoot at that church, so I was thrilled! After photos we headed to their beautiful reception at Cambridge Golf Course. Can we talk about their gorgeous florals […]

from the moment lindsey contacted me, i knew i just HAD to work with her and was so excited when she booked. lindsey is the epitome of a teacher, whose mom is a teacher: sugar sweet, caring, quiet but assertive when need be. mark isn’t so bad himself, either. 🙂 these two together should be […]