i tell my clients all the time how much i love engagement sessions, usually at the session itself. in fact, they’re my favorite. of course there’s something magical about shooting a wedding, don’t get me wrong, but an e-session is totally different. it’s just the 3 of us, getting to know each other while taking […]

it’s with a tinge of sadness that i bring you beth and eric’s e-session. why? it’s my last of the year! i know, right!? i managed to shoot more engagements this year than ever before, which makes me SO happy. i’ve preached before how much i love shooting engagement sessions, so i won’t bore you […]

continuing with “engagement week, 2013”, we shot makenzie and zeth’s photos on what had to have been the chilliest morning we’ve had so far this fall. so chilly, that at one point zeth’s chin was quivering uncontrollably! poor thing! you’d never know how miserable these two were with these warm, love-y, absolutely adorable photos! i […]

nicole and jordan kicked off my engagement extravaganza a couple weeks ago and i couldn’t have had a nicer couple to do so. we had so much fun jumping in and out of their truck while covering a LOT of ground outside of jasper. harvest time around here truly is so beautiful. thanks again, n+j! […]

from the moment lindsey contacted me, i knew i just HAD to work with her and was so excited when she booked. lindsey is the epitome of a teacher, whose mom is a teacher: sugar sweet, caring, quiet but assertive when need be. mark isn’t so bad himself, either. 🙂 these two together should be […]