audrey + derek

Like many good collegiate love stories, Audrey and Derek’s began in their dorm and flourished through their four years at Indiana University and beyond. While Audrey may have grown a touch impatient waiting for her best friend to propose, what she didn’t realize was that his perfect proposal was years in the making. One of the more elaborate proposals I’ve heard, it took them all the way back to where it started: Briscoe. (“And not when it was bougie briscoe”) Janitors, athletic staff and their families were all in on it. Derek outdid himself, but I know he didn’t see it that way. That’s just how he is. Selfless and so completely in love with Audrey.

Their day took them back to the best college town (humble fact) where we celebrated at the Henke Hall of Champions. Decorations and floral designs (nestled within growlers the couple has collected) by Keith Bauer and entertainment was provided by Supreme Sounds.

I never grow tired of shooting in Bloomington or amazing, enthusiastic, totally in love couples like Audrey and Derek. Their day was so full of joy that it still brings a smile to my face just thinking of it. xo

A little back story on the most epic first look ever. According to Audrey, she and Derek are super awkward and she was worried about a totally staged first look not really garnering a true reaction. So we planned a sneak attack which had me nervous all morning, but somehow we pulled it off! my little heart was beating so fast while shooting Derek here!


For their wedding gift, Audrey’s brothers purchased a brick outside Henke Hall. Do you spot it? #hopkinsgoeslong

I don’t post dancing photos often, but this one just makes me smile. it’s so them. such an IU love story!

Big thanks to my second shooter, Kalli June. I couldn’t have done this day without you!

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    Love every picture. Would enjoy a copy.