weekend roundup

i hope everyone had a great labor day weekend! josh and i had a great visit to dc, although it was so hot that we found it too much trouble to do anything too adventurous. that’s ok, it’s the nice thing about visiting a city in which you’ve already lived–no pressure to see all the things. i did, however, get to photograph an old, and great, friend. i really love shooting in cities outside my own. along with challenges of the unknown, they bring the opportunity for great variety in my portfolio!

on to things of note:
• last week was fairly quiet, on the shoot front, in anticipation of leaving for the weekend. this week is the same, which i’m actually really happy about! i’ve got lots of work to catch up on before my fall wedding seasons starts hitting this weekend! free weekend? what’s that? i’ll see you in november.
• last week also brought the end of my senior season. going into my business planning for this year, i really wasn’t counting on any seniors, aside from my brother since he was contractually obligated to let me take his. i managed to work with 10 truly great seniors this year, something i am SO thankful for, since i LOVE shooting seniors SO much.
• anyone visiting dc in the coming months, be sure to check out the east wing of the national gallery. it will soon be closing for 3 (!!!) years to undergo extensive renovations. i so wish i had known about this before reading about it in the sunday post on our way out of town.
shake shack is, and will always, be our favorite burger place. from the pentagram branding that i’m obsessed with (really. ask my designer.) to their awesome burgers/fries to their shakes, which i found myself indulging in since…you know…pregnant and all.
• ever since i moved to dc, i became obsessed with the washington post. it’s not quite the ny times in terms of culture, but what it lacks in the latest fashion news, it more than makes up in real news somehow written for normal people to understand. in fact, i’m still trying to figure out how to get it delivered to indiana. so far, no dice. however, this artice “9 questions about syria you were too afraid to ask,” had me so thankful i was in town to catch. it’s worth a read, truly.
• last week i took the 2 baskets of tomatoes from my garden and made sauce/stewed tomatoes. i mean, total susie homemaker up in here. i must say, the process sounds intimidating but really couldn’t be easier. plus, it makes your house smell amazing. win win.
• because i work from home, i never do my hair, let alone even dry it. i did all the things to my hair friday night to go out with josh and discovered that i have PREGNANCY HAIR. !!! the end.
• speaking of pregnancy…at 17.5 weeks, the babe is a sweet potato. still feeling pretty good, though taking a trip to a city where lots of walking in the sweltering heat was on the docket was probably not our smartest move. i wore out quickly, but i guess that’s to be expected. also, we found this sign in chevy chase that was pretty amazing.
• and finally, the only tidbit you probably really care about….we learned on thursday that our little sweet potato is, in fact, a girl!!!!!
happy monday tuesday!

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  1. Jamie says:

    aggggghhhhhh! Congratulations! 🙂