i hope everyone had a great labor day weekend! josh and i had a great visit to dc, although it was so hot that we found it too much trouble to do anything too adventurous. that’s ok, it’s the nice thing about visiting a city in which you’ve already lived–no pressure to see all the […]

what a week?! while this week is fairly light on shooting, i’m looking forward to the break in order to catch up on all the editing i need to do! i shot two seniors last week, one of which was my brother, and also got to spend time with mia and lio!! we all know […]

i haven’t been posting very much personal stuff on here as of late. frankly, i’ve been so busy that keeping on top of my clients’ posts are top priority. i’m hoping that will change soon, though. 🙂 i’ve mentioned several times this spring/summer that i helped my grandma put in her garden. so far this […]