weekend roundup

what a week?! while this week is fairly light on shooting, i’m looking forward to the break in order to catch up on all the editing i need to do! i shot two seniors last week, one of which was my brother, and also got to spend time with mia and lio!! we all know how fun that is! throw strassenfest and visiting family into the mix and it made for a pretty awesome and busy week!
on to happenings!

• i was so excited last week when i saw the berenstein bears on zulily. i’m not sure why i was a surprise that kids are still reading my favorite books from my childhood. oh, not on zulily yet? here’s a link to get started!
• the baby is the size of a lemon right now and i honestly feel like i finally crossed the threshold from looking bloated to looking semi-pregnant. it could have something to do with all the fest-related foods i ate this weekend. sorryi’mnotsorry.
• speaking of baby premuda, he/she got his/her first baby gift this weekend! mia (and her family) presented me with the most exciting and appropriate baby book ever! the pantone colors board book!
• this is how my dog sleeps when i’m working. in the chair behind me.
cookie-cheers are the best.
• if you haven’t seen robin thicke singing “blurred lines” with jimmy fallon and the roots yet, your life isn’t complete. next to mariah carey singing “all i want for christmas” in the same vain, this one is the absolute best of the series. i heart jimmy. always. and can we talk about the big guy playing the little tike’s xylophone? no words.
• like i mentioned several times, strassenfest was this weekend. somehow we traded the usually oppressive heat and rainy weather for completely pleasant temperatures with completely dry days. it was amazing. it only made it more enjoyable. it was a different year for me, trading in pitchers of beer in the bier garten for way too many cups of lemonade shake-ups, sort of a full circle strassenfest. when you’re little, the fest is all about scoring an elephant ear and seeing classmates you haven’t seen all summer and how much you all changed. when you’re drinking age, it’s all about beer and chicken dancing. and now? it was really neat to soberly sit back and really see our community come together and put on this massive event. jasper is a special place and never is it more evident than during strassenfest.
happy monday! and all my best to all the littles (and their teachers!) headed back to school this week!

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