life: mine's been coming up roses, tomatoes, cucumbers, and corn, OH MY

i haven’t been posting very much personal stuff on here as of late. frankly, i’ve been so busy that keeping on top of my clients’ posts are top priority. i’m hoping that will change soon, though. 🙂
i’ve mentioned several times this spring/summer that i helped my grandma put in her garden. so far this year we’ve already harvested the lettuces we planted in the raised beds, green beans were plentiful, though on the way out, and next up are tomatoes (i have 8 plants in my yard, 3 of which are currently well taller than me. woah.) and my favorite, corn. though, at the end of this post, there’s a little something new that josh and i decided to grow this year. we’re particularly jazzed about that one!

baby premuda is set to be ripe february 5th, 2013!!

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