life: the gunselmans; southern indiana family photographer

you probably recognize tori and evie in these photos. they’re, especially tori, no strangers to my blog. in fact, tori was one of the first kiddos i ever photographed. i’m actually a little embarrassed to link to her 1 year session. i have changed SO much, as a photographer, since then. as it should be.
i was so excited when kimbra and richelle told me they wanted to do a big family session, as i basically grew up with the gunselmans. richelle and i bonded in high school over the fact that our parents (her dad, a cop; my mom, just strict) were the only ones who enforced the “no driving with other high schoolers for 3 months after you get your license” rule. so we did what anyone else (pre-cell phone days) would do–drove around with radio headsets so that we could talk to each other. yeah. we were totally the cool kids. i will say, however, we both went wreck free!
enjoy this cute family, i know i sure i had fun shooting them!

evie seriously knows how to turn it on.

gear used: canon 5d mark ii, canon 50 1.2L, canon 35 1.4L

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