i had the pleasure of taking photos of violet while josh and i were in dc a few weeks ago! i had seen violet’s mommy, jackie, at our wedding last year, but it had been a little while since i had seen violet! in fact, the last time i saw her was just before josh […]

i hope everyone had a great labor day weekend! josh and i had a great visit to dc, although it was so hot that we found it too much trouble to do anything too adventurous. that’s ok, it’s the nice thing about visiting a city in which you’ve already lived–no pressure to see all the […]

this is the first of two shoots i was able to do while we visited washington, dc last weekend. i met luis and gigi while moonlighting as a hostess at a really awesome restaurant in the city. lots has changed since then, including the addition of little lou! is he not the handsome-est?! i about […]

while i was in dc, i had the privilege of meeting violet. jackie even asked me to take some photos of her (i’ll take some for you, too, just email me!) to use for baby announcements. you don’t have to ask me twice! poll: is there anything cuter than a naked baby in a knitted […]

the day we were set to fly back to our respective homes, josh and i had an hour to kill before we ate a quick dinner. what better way to kill time, than to sit in a european-like cafĂ©? fact: one of my favorite things to do is sit and have a beverage while people-watching; […]