life: the arias family

this is the first of two shoots i was able to do while we visited washington, dc last weekend. i met luis and gigi while moonlighting as a hostess at a really awesome restaurant in the city. lots has changed since then, including the addition of little lou! is he not the handsome-est?! i about died when he walked up in that little jacket (with his hands in his pockets). and gia. she has grown up a LOT since i last saw her and i was stunned at the fact that she seemed to remember me! kids who know no strangers are amazing to me as that was a quality i didn’t posses as a child. gia embraced me with open arms, thanking me for helping her with her “flat stanley project” nearly 3 years ago. what a gem.
i was so special to not only be able to have a couple shoots while in town but to be able to reconnect with people who were once a really big part of my life. thanks, luis and gigi, for asking me to photograph your beautiful family. i hope our next visit isn’t 4 years in the making!

how did i live in dc for so long and NOT walk to the top of the national archives building? there are THE MOST amazing columns at the top. i was dying over the light up there. take notice, fellow dc photographers!

gear used: canon 5d mark ii & canon 50mm 1.4

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  1. Luis Arias says:

    Thank you, Meghan; we’ve always loved your pictures and now even more.