spring/early summer bookings full

hi friends! i wanted to drop the sad news that i am completely booked until july. i’m so sorry if you’ve been meaning to contact me but haven’t had the time. i do have plenty of openings for july and august, though!
this spring is all about engagement sessions (e-sessions) which, i can’t even explain how happy that makes me. in fact, for the next 6 weeks, every weekend brings either an e-session or wedding in front of my lens. i’m elated that my business is finally stearing in this direction. it’s something i wanted since the day i decided to start this little venture (do you remember my first ever session was an e-session?) and while it’s taken me a long time to say it, i can officially say i am a predominantly wedding-based business. does that mean i won’t be shooting families/seniors/babies? heck no! in fact, i have a newborn prepping to make his/her arrival (soon, right, audrey??)! it just merely means that i am focusing on what i am over-the-moon passionate about and all my other friends are icing on the cake.
aside from the business things are going really well! the weather this week has been incredible and has sparked lots of honey-do lists around my house! (josh is rolling his eyes right now)

we were also able to get away last weekend for a quick trip to dc! i made some photo goals come true by attending jasmine star’s “the fix” evening, which was really fantastic. being surrounded by 195 photographers is….interesting to say the least.

we filled in the gaps of the rest of the weekend with roaming around our former city, eating (holla dc’s shake shack….so frigging good.) and finally, i capped off the weekend with 2 adorable family shoots (the first image was from one of them) which will be on the blog next week!
oh and finally, beau says “happy early easter”! that, or, “i want a jelly bean, lady”!

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