i do: the beauty of a first look

warning: completely indulgent post ahead. but really, who doesn’t need a little indulgence every once in a while? especially on a monday!
i’m writing this post with my future brides in mind, but i’m also hoping others might find it interesting!
after contracts have been signed and the months leading up to my bride & groom’s day have fallen away, i begin a planning process with them. the main component is a wedding day timeline and part of that is whether or not they choose to have a “first look.” first looks are just like they sound–the bride and groom chose to share an intimate moment (i shoot with a fairly long-range lens so i will never be all ‘up in their business’) before the ceremony to see each other for the first time. sure, it bucks tradition and it’s not for everyone, but i am an enormous advocate of them. why?
i’d love to tell you. the biggest reason i, and my past couples, love them is that it allows for a much smoother/laid back wedding day. by seeing each other beforehand, you eliminate the whole cat and mouse game of making sure everyone that needs to be is tucked away out of sight, while still trying to keep to said timeline (rarely happens). since the couple has seen each other, it also allows us to get all group photos (save for a few that we quickly capture after the ceremony) taken care of before the ceremony, leaving them with ample time after for cocktail hour and celebrating being married!
i’ve never been married, so i can only speak from client feedback, but clients who chose a first look always tell me that seeing each other beforehand calmed their nerves immensely without taking away a bit of that special moment of walking down the aisle toward each other. i vividly remember aaron (featured in these photos) telling me after their first look, “that was the raddest thing i’ve ever done. hearing your pitter-patter footsteps was awesome.”
i could keep talking, but really, these photos speak for themselves.

gear used: canon 50d, canon 85mm 1.2
see more of cassie and aaron’s wedding here.

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