and then there was snow

i’m sure everyone from far and near read about or saw the tornadoes that struck southern indiana, kentucky and georgia on friday. sitting in a bathroom hallway with my team seemed surreal and we found ourselves cracking jokes because, really, what else do you do when everything seems so uncertain? we were extremely lucky here in jasper, but towns not far at all were all but leveled. if you’d like to do your part to help, you can text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to relief efforts. or text “HOOSIER” to 80888 to donate $10 to the Salvation Army’s relief efforts in Southern Indiana.
sunday night it seemed like the heavens re-payed us with the most gorgeous snow i’ve seen in a long time. thick, heavy snow globs that stuck to everything. i guess it was mother nature’s way of saying, “wow i messed up, i’m really sorry.”

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