weekend roundup

good (monday) morning!

i’m incredibly short on time this morning, so i’m going to jump right in!
things of note from the past week:
• josh and i spent the weekend in columbus, visiting his brother and his family, along with their brand new 1 month old son. it hadn’t really hit me until we were there, how close dawson and little baby p are going to be (6 months!). how fun!
• do any ikea stops not end in spouses or partners not talking to each other for at least an hour? on the other hand, baby p now has a bookcase!
• i made a major purchase/upgrade this past week. i can NOT wait to start shooting with it this week!
• i’ve got a VERY busy week ahead of me with 3 shoots, including a return to iu’s campus for another engagement session (!!!), a wedding on saturday and a flight to LA on sunday. whew.
• baby p is doing well! i’m hoping she manages a cross-country flight ok as this past weekend left my back in shambles. other than that, however, she’s doing great and is the size of a spaghetti squash! i get to have another peek at her this week, which is always fun.
have a great week, friends!

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