good (monday) morning! i’m incredibly short on time this morning, so i’m going to jump right in! things of note from the past week: • josh and i spent the weekend in columbus, visiting his brother and his family, along with their brand new 1 month old son. it hadn’t really hit me until we […]

i’ve had the pleasure of photographing this family twice this month! you’ll probably remember tessa and elise’s photos from a few weeks ago, just days prior to coraline’s arrival. i won’t lie, coraline wasn’t having the best day. but guess what? that happens sometimes. that’s life. and i happen to be in the business of […]

i had the pleasure of taking elise’s 18 month and tessa’s 4 year photos this week. i’ve known their mom for a long time and it was so nice getting to spend time with 2 of her 3 (soon to be 4!) kiddos! they are such bright, smart, sweet little girls–i expected nothing less, knowing […]