weekend roundup

good monday morning! as you can tell from the image load today, it was a REALLY busy week for mhp. it started with a fabulous newborn shoot, moved to a super fun family shoot with cute as a button kiddos, shifted to an iu engagement session, then to a rainy wedding on saturday and now this morning? i’m writing you from 10 floors above the sunset strip in west hollywood. does that qualify as a whirlwind?? wait until i write you next monday!
onto things of note:
• i’m starting with myself this week….i came down with a cold on thursday which has proven to be a complete pain in my tucas. while i’m sure benedryl means well, it does nothing to tame a cold. on a plus side, baby is still doing great. i’m entering my 23rd week this week (ahhh!) and she is currently the size of a papaya.
• that little girl, maggie, above? i wanted to steal her. how cute is she?! and she was running a fever for the shoot, to boot! can’t stop cute!
• this was what the sky looked like when my eastern timed self woke up at 6 and wanted a tea. is that real??? or is that just the theme for LA in general?
• i got to shoot on the floor of alumni hall this past week. it was a little fun.
• while i am so glad to be here and am SO excited to visit my oldest and dearest friend in a little bit, a less than 24 hour turnaround from a wedding’s end to uploading, clearing cards and repacking my camera bag in order to hit the road again almost did me in. wow. thank god for the ind>lax direct flight on american, though.
• josh has been traveling constantly, and will continue to for the next month, so i’m really excited to meet up with him in san francisco on wednesday!!

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