life: coraline, elise and ava claire; jasper indiana family photographer

i was so excited to photograph these sweet girls again! i just saw little cora earlier this spring and can’t believe how much she’s grown since then! and, as usual, elise and ava claire had the cute meter turned all the way up!
i’ll start with ava claire, who is 6. see that above photo?? how do you NOT smile?! especially when you know her mom and realize they are literal clones. ava is far more mature than her age, for sure an old soul–my favorite kind. i was so tickled that throughout our shoot, i overheard her calling her “mom”, “mother”. so funny. she also should double as a children’s model. you should have seen the poses she was busting out!

next up, elise, 2. does this girl not melt your heart with those eyes?! elise is chattering much more than the last time i saw her and i do believe her favorite person in the world is her big sister tessa, whose name she shouted at least 100 times during our shoot.

and finally, coraline, 7 months. this child has got the most ridiculously awesome eyes. i take it back, all of these children have ridiculously awesome eyes, but something about cora’s….they just sparkle! i think cora is still making up for her newborn shoot because we got a TON of really really great shots of her this time.

gear used: canon 5d mark ii, canon 85 1.2L

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