weekend roundup

good morning, from, finally, my own office! it was an absolutely insane week after i got home tuesday night with shoots every single day since. well, except for yesterday. more on that in a minute.
on to things of note:
• after coming down with a cold 2 days before i left for california and feeling “off” all day saturday, i have managed to come down with some sort of respiratory something-or-other that has left me feeling……like crap. truly, like crap. why am i telling you this? i’m telling you this to explain why this blog is going to be taking a back seat, a bit. i’ve simply taken on too much this fall (as i, and many photographers do) and something has to give since my health can’t keep giving.
• i received my minted 2013 holiday card samples this week and can i just say, wow?? their new foil stamping is absolutely beautiful. in case you missed the rundown last year, here’s my blog post about the minted affiliate program. they make it SO easy for you to select images from one of our sessions and i can upload from my end, preventing you from having to buy the digital negatives. pretty awesome. even if you don’t need me to upload for you, i’d still appreciate you ordering through my link! i went through last week and added my favorites from this season! oh and ps, they’re having a 10% off sale right now with code FALLHOL10. you can buy the credits now and upload photos later!
• to rewind a bit, we spent the last 2 days of our california trip in carmel. it was such an absolutely charming place that i really hope to return to some day. carmel and the entire big sur coastal area is absolutely breathtaking.
this is what happens when you shoot engagement sessions during the fall harvest season.
• i had another baby appointment last week and she continues to be doing great! movement is nearly constant, especially in the mornings and evenings and she’s currently the size of an ear of corn.
i’m off to call my doctor and to hopefully get some rest today. have a great week, everyone!

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