weekend roundup

good morning! i greet you from the other side of wedding season today and can i just say, it feels great!? going into this wedding season i knew that, god willing, part of it would be done while pregnant. i feel so unbelievably fortunate to have been blessed such a well-timed due date and a relatively easy pregnancy. i’m not sure how i got so lucky!

this wedding season was truly one of growth for me. i have really found my groove with wedding day events and feel really really at home while doing it. part of that is really great clients, but part of that is just experience speaking. as an artist, you’re constantly trying to fill in the blank of “who am i?” and i felt the answer to that question really came to me this season. it feels really nice to be at a place where i no longer constantly compare myself to xyz photographer or try to mimic poses and editing style from another. i feel that when you’re 100% true to yourself and stop pretending you’re anything else is when your style and voice really have a chance to speak. mine is saying things like: classic, fresh, organic, real.
on to happenings from the week:
• i didn’t really have time to have a life outside of working this past week as holiday deadlines and happy clients ruled. but i did make time for a cut/color and can i just say that i feel like a new woman?!
• i have a prenatal massage scheduled later today as a treat to myself. can we say “excited”?!
• baby is 28 weeks right now and apparently growing like a weed as i’m actually measuring a couple weeks ahead of schedule. gulp. i also learned that i passed my glucose test (HIGH FIVE) and she’s still head down (HIGH FIVE). now that wedding insanity is over, i’m looking forward to being able to actually think about her arrival and do all the fun things like her nursery and organize all her cute clothes that she’s already been gifted (hand-me-downs are the best). with her apparent growth spurt has come TONS of movement which leaves me getting very little sleep at night. when i wake up to use the restroom a billion times a night she thinks it’s party time and let me tell you, girlfriend might be working on a career as a tap-dancer/conductor.
side note: thinking of ordering holiday cards?? i have a photographer storefront with minted.com (the BEST) where clients (i can upload photos for you without you having to buy the rights to them!) and non clients can order through me. while i do receive a small kickback (full disclosure) and that’s nice, the more important factor to me is that i get credit with minted and with that comes the possible opportunity to have my photos featured in their card samples! so if you’re ordering cards through minted anyway, would you mind clicking through my affiliate link to get there? it’s as simple as that!
i hope you all have a great week!

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