i’ll take chicago and dc, please. these are so reasonably priced and unreasonably cool, but there are only 100 of each, so i am sure they won’t last long! via

no, i’m not really sad, per-say, but i’ve been suffering from a case of the blahs, aka seasonal affective disorder, for a couple weeks. it happened to me during the winters in chicago, too. only when i lived in chicago, i attributed my funk to the subzero windchills, black snow, wind so strong and sharp […]

“Whenever the possibility of leaving Chicago flashes through my mind, the thought that comes in my head first (right after the one about leaving my Chicago friends behind) is: ‘There would be a hole in my heart and stomach where food used to be.’” -via amber: notes on urban behavior i’ll be the first to […]

i got home from my trip to chicago last night and immediately started unpacking. does anyone else find that if the task is not done instantly, you still find yourself looking at bags 3 weeks later? back to my point. i went to put mr. pirate legoman key chain, which holds laura’s apartment key and […]

it’s a majorly crappy day today. so in honor of that, here is a tiny puddle jumper. this little girl was so adorable, spent a solid ten minutes jumping up and down trying to make a splash. i could have sat and snapped away for hours….but her mom probably would have been pretty creeped out. […]