summer in chicago is literal heaven and i can’t even tell you how much fun i had with beth and tyler in chicago. it was a bit of a scramble since rain was predicted for the morning of our shoot, so my day went a little something like this: wake up after #clemmawedding in ann […]

any chicagoan will tell you that they bite their lip, keep their head down and muster through the brutal winters so that they can earn the privilege of enjoying the chicago summers. there’s a certain air about chicago in the summer; the beach is mere blocks from downtown, 2 home baseball teams, everyone is outside, […]

navy pier is littered with tourists (i decided if you’ve lived somewhere and moved away, you don’t count as a tourist) at all time. especially when the tall ships are in port. it was hot, smelly (why do so many tourists smoke?) and crowded. and it didn’t matter. i was with two of my best […]

you already know i love this song, so it combined with the coolness of this video is blowing my mind. and makes me miss chicago so much. you’re looking good, my fair city.