boy, do i have a website for you. i like to think i’m pretty well versed in “internet,” but i just discovered the healthy recipe powerhouse blog that is skinnytaste a couple weeks ago. since then i’ve made the slow cooked cuban pork (holy yum), chicken nuggets (one never grows too old for chicken nuggets, […]

i was in charge of desserts for an office birthday this past week and i knew immediately what i wanted to make: chocolate cupcakes with peanut buttercream frosting (recipe coming soon) and banana pudding from none other than magnolia’s bakery. i have been so lucky to actually have magnolia’s banana pudding (and a cupcake) and […]

would you believe i constructed this meal solely with ingredients in our cabinets. yay for a properly stocked kitchen! this came together in about 15 minutes and couldn’t be easier. the “recipe” came from my brain, as i was cooking, so i’ll do my best to recount it. ………………………. shrimp scampi serves 2 3-4 cloves […]

so i’ve gotta say, i kind of outdid myself today. not that i didn’t enjoy doing it. i used to be baking phenom, but it seems i’ve let it die down a bit. what better holiday then valentines (let it be known here that we don’t go crazy about it in this house. my “present” […]

during the week, it’s really had for me to muster the energy (or time) to whip up a really complicated dinner. when i saw this recipe, i knew it was perfect for a fast, yet tasty, weeknight meal. as we were eating, i stated i’d make it for the next three nights, it’s that good. […]