injured man


i got home from my trip to chicago last night and immediately started unpacking. does anyone else find that if the task is not done instantly, you still find yourself looking at bags 3 weeks later? back to my point. i went to put mr. pirate legoman key chain, which holds laura’s apartment key and that key only (she’s just that special to me, bc she ‘loves to love’), back in his designated drawer when, to my HORROR, i noticed he LOST HIS HAND THIS WEEKEND! oh dear. i guess he just had too much fun in FUNcago. i told him to lay off the rum, but NOOOO. or maybe he just wants to be like buster. regardless, this makes me sad bc i love mr. pirate legoman, mainly bc he was given to me by my BBE (best boss ever), paul, as a souvenir from his trip to denmark. insert ‘my boss went all the way to denmark and all i got was this crappy keychain’ jokes here. but no, crappy or not, i love my legoman and will always love him. with 2 hands or not.


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  1. Larkin says:

    playing with our macro lense, are we? 😉

  2. Larkin says:

    Ahh, well played. I like the first one a lot..good stuff